by Savannah York

I am a volleyball player, but I play back row. This means I bump and dig. I wish I could get up to the front and spike the ball but unfortunately back row can only pike (a spike from the back row). I am far too short to jump up and hit a ball over the net and the footwork is just way too complicated. My school ball coach had me upfront on right side but that was not the best position for me, considering my height, so my travel ball coach put me back row because I was able to dig well. Hopefully following along with this video we can learn a thing or two about the footwork and the set up for spiking. The school ball coach told us it was a good thing to be all around the court because that meant we could do about any position available in volleyball, which not many people can claim to do. I hope we can learn how to get a better spike, or pike, in the future. 

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