Peer Pressure
by Alexis McSwain
Most people give in to peer pressure in order to fit in or to be liked. Some people are curious to try something new. Walking away from peer pressure can also be difficult. To help walking away from peer pressure try having more self-confidence to stand firm, walk away and resist to try to fit when you know it wrong. With being in high school, you will run into a lot of obstacles and peer pressure will be one of them. Saying no can help you in the future. For example, let's say your friends want to cut class but you have a low grade in that class. You really need to go to class but your friends are telling you it's not important and to just skip. They go on until you say yes. You end up skipping the class.  Skipping class could make you have a lower grade which can make you fail the class and can affect your GPA. If you wouldn't have skipped the class then you could have brought up the grade. Giving in to peer pressure does not help yourself.  

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