by Laney Currin

I am from love, love that allows me to form emotional connections.

I am from songs that escape my mouth and enter the world.

I am from rollercoasters that reside in a place with magic and wonder.

I am from the hard work of passing the ball around the soccer field and the crisp air of my brothers college soccer games. 

I am from emotion filled car rides with my mom as I explain my emotions through song I blast through the aux.

I am from parents who know me better than I know myself.

I am from blue waves and golden sunsets that could set a soul on fire.

I am from the clouds that my father flew through while in combat overseas. 

I am from colorful and nostalgic scenes from movies that will stick with me for eternity.

I am from blue-green eyes from my family that somehow formed my golden eyes.

These golden eyes that have seen smiles light up more cities with electricity and enough tears to fill up the oceans 10 times.

These eyes that have seen enough to last a lifetime.

I am from...

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